revolv’s mission is to disrupt the real estate industry by way of targeted marketing, proprietary systems, technology and consistent client delivery innovations, not just for the sake of technology but for the unprecedented local targeted results these resources can deliver to our clients.


“We are more than a real estate services company…we are real estate marketing agency; with one focused goal… research what today’s consumer needs, predict tomorrow’s trends and target market your property to qualified home buyers.” Founder Denis DaSilva


We strategically invest in new emerging consumer search venues such as social media and mobile searches, geo tagging and local SEO. We hire the very best professional services in the business such as photography and videography and place in-house crucial services as a legal team and lenders to vet and oversee transactions. Traditional Real Estate Models employ passive approaches, we proactively engage the consumer dramatically increasing the odds of a successful outcome.


revolv (The Evolution)

The people who have chosen to list their property with us often say we are the nicest and most professional team they have worked with. This is not by chance; we are extremely dedicated to our work and to selling your house. When you list with revolv you get a team of professionals with many years of experience and cutting-edge marketing tools.

What Makes revolv (Real Estate Evolution) Different from Other Real Estate Brokers?

  • We Help You Navigate the Entire Real Estate Experience – If you’re buying or selling a home in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you may have found dozens of real estate companies and brokers, including independently owned real estate brokers and the national chains. We know you have many choices, we believe that revolv offers advantages you won’t find anywhere else, especially at the national real estate chains.
  • Local Experience – We believe that no one can help you sell your property better than a local broker, who knows the how to navigate area politics, area amenities and challenges. With our out of the box “Predictive Marketing System” we bring more exposure to your home than ANY other real estate marketing brokerage.
  • Results & Relationship – We take great pride in giving you V.I.P level of service you would not expect from a local real estate brokerage. We return your calls and emails and answer your questions – often before you ask them. We’re here to help you! Other real estate agents are concerned about their commission; we’re concerned about results and lifetime relationship with our clients.
  • Multi-Platform Marketing – We have a different approach to marketing, we’ve taken the time to understand today’s sophisticated buyer. We use many different channels to market your property to them. We use a mix of mobile, web and social media to connect with consumers. We help you cut through multiple messages and connect with consumers.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention to your listing through social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks, creating word-of-mouth for a real estate listing. Social media has become extremely important in marketing, anyone with basic internet access and/or a mobile phone can connect with your listing. Every new listing gets its own social media campaign when you choose to list with revolv!

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